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Exhibition of living insects, butterfiles and reptiles


Ant Colonies

See exactly what happens inside a real ant colony. We have several different kinds of ants where you can see the royal chamber, the chamber of larvae, and storage chambers. Look at how soldiers, guards, collectors of food, and hunters cooperate together. Among our species is an extremely special kind of ant that cultivates its own food.

Species you can see at Insectopia:

  • Cataglyphis nodus (Desert Ant)
  • Pachycondyla villosa (Giant Ponerine Ant)
  • Messor meridionale (Harvester Ant)
  • Myrmecia pavida (Bulldog Ant)
  • Camponotus pennysylvanicus (Black Carpenter)
  • Camponotus herculeanus
  • Camponotus americanus (Carpener Ant)
  • Camponotus sp. (Malayan Carpenter Ant)
  • Odontomachus sp. (Snapshot or Trap-jaw Ant)
  • Pachycondyla tridenta (Foaming Ponerine Ant)
  • Cataglyphis velox
  • Paraponera clavata (Bullet Ant)
  • Atta sexdens (Leafcutter Ant)



The latest addition to our exhibition is a variety of reptiles that consists of snakes, lizards, iguanas, and several other species.


See live butterflies transform before your eyes and fly freely around you in a specially designed area that simulates their real living conditions.


It is the most cooperative insect and one of the most industrious organisms in nature. In our exhibition you can see an entire colony. One of the very few that exist indoors.



Look for the different tarantulas and the largest spider of the world which can reach 30cm in diameter. You can also see the Greek Black Widow and the spider which makes a web stronger than steel.


Observe closely these remarkable Stick-Insects and Walking Leaf-Insects. They truly are masters of camouflage and it will take you some time to discover them.


Tours outside working hours are available. Call us on (0030) 69 4020 9092 to book your tour.
Tours available in Greek, English, German, Russian and Turkish.
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Monday 11:30 - 14:00
Tuesday - Saturday 14:30 - 17:45
Sunday 12:00 - 18:00
Tours outside working hours are available
Ticket Prices
Student Groups 3€ per person
Students 4€ per person
Adults 6€ per person
Families 12€ per family
Student Groups Free
Groups over 10 people Free
Groups under 10 people 6€ per group

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